All of our laser screed equipment comes with our own qualified operators and can be hired on per day or per week rates.

Somero S-240

The Somero S-240 Laser Screed machine features a 12-foot wide screeding head mounted on a powerful 20-foot telescopic boom. This results in 240 square feet of consolidated, laser-level concrete in less than one minute.

Add to this the fact that you can take advantage of wide placement when using a Laser Screed machine, eliminating most formwork, and true fast-track production becomes a reality.

Somero Copperhead XD3.0

The Somero CopperHead XD 3.0 Laser Screed concrete leveling machine helped revolutionize the entire process of concrete placement. The CopperHead is a smaller machine that can reach places that the “big screeds” cannot! The CopperHead is the first Laser Screed model machine able to work above grade in applications such as steel frame / composite decks and pre-cast deck panels with toppings.

If your current placement methods involve the use of a 2×4, truss screed, or “Magic Screed”, it can be placed more efficiently using a CopperHead Laser Screed model machine. In some cases, the CopperHead is even better for jobs that you may be using a large Laser Screed model machine.

Somero Power Rake 3

Designed to take the grunt effort out of placing concrete or grading fine-granular materials, this 4-wheel drive, ride-on, hydraulic powered concrete grading machine saves time and manpower.

The PowerRake® 3’s innovative, patented design was developed to allow a single operator the ability to rake more concrete in less time, with no manual labour. The ride-in design is a proven labour saving device and takes the back-breaking work out of raking concrete.

The PowerRake® 3, with a quieter yet more powerful engine allows the operator to ride on the machine and rake the “dumped” concrete down to grade to +/- 6mm accuracy.

The PowerRake® 3 is designed to work with all screeding equipment; from the 2×4 to handheld vibrating screeds, from the CopperHead® XD 3.0 to the large line Laser Screed® concrete leveling equipment.

Operated equipment for Hire

Contact LRD today to arrange the hire of our operated laser screed equipment, we can advise on the best machine for your situation and save you time, work and money.